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Best Vitamin D Tests

We found the top Vitamin D Tests at the best prices.

Vitamin D is crucial for bone and muscle health. It helps regulate phosphate and calcium within our bodies and works hard to keep our teeth, bones, and muscles healthy and in top condition. It is also a hormone that regulates cell growth, adrenaline and dopamine. Getting enough vitamin D can lower your risk of cancer and osteoporosis, especially in women. Not sure what your vitamin D levels are? Think you might be deficient? We’ve compiled our top 8 at-home tests for you to get started today.

  1. myLab Box

Pros: Quick and efficient testing at home with a 1 finger-stick blood kit. Affordable with free shipping and fantastic reviews, myLab Box makes testing your Vitamin D levels at home easy and (mostly) pain free.

Cons: Not available in NY

Fast Facts:

● $89

● Free shipping

● Results in 2-5 days

● 5-star reviews

  1. Everlywell

Pros: Each test will be personally reviewed by a board-certified physician in your state. Results are tailored to you and reports are downloadable to take to your health care provider.

Cons: Longer wait for results with mailing the test back in first.

Fast Facts:

● $49

● Free shipping

● Accepts HSA/FSA payments

● Physician reviewed

  1. LestGetChecked

Pros: Online team of nurses available 24/7 to answer any questions throughout the process.

Cons: Results take about 2-5 days with mailing back to the lab.

Fast Facts:

● $89

● Free shipping

● Combine with Vitamin B12 Test for a discounted total of $109

● Subscription available to purchase any tests at a discount

  1. MyHealthConfirm

Pros: Tests all three panels of Vitamin D and delivers results to you electronically.

Cons: Results take longer, typically around 3-5 days

Fast Facts:

● $79

● Free shipping

● Results in 3-5 business days

● Results reviewed by a licensed physician

  1. Imaware

Pros: Lower price point and accepts health savings account cards.

Cons: Long results, up to 7 days to get them electronically.

Fast Facts:

● $69

● Free shipping

● HSA & FSA Accepted

● Doctor reviewed results

myLab Box came in at our number one spot for price, turnaround time and convenience of testing your Vitamin D levels at home. No matter which option you decide to go with, it’s important to know where your Vitamin D is as so you can keep happy, healthy, and strong.


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